Pita Maguey

Pita Maguey is twine made from the natural fibers of the maguey, or agave, plant. Almost every culture has its own natural twine, and in Latin America it is pita maguey. Although the ancient technique of making the twine has unfortunately dwindled, it is still surviving in many parts of Central America, especially Mexico and Guatemala.

In addition to the maguey, the wood used for the frames of these pieces is sourced from sustainable tree farms in various parts of Guatemala. Also, the dye used to color the pita is a completely natural plant based dye extracted free om many different plants found throughout the region. Combined, the natural materials create rich depth, color and textural variation. It is also important to note that the purchase of these materials helps to support the local artisans and craftmakers in Guatemala.

The materials and colors reflect the ancient textiles made in the region yet introduce compositions and designs that are decidedly modern and minimal.

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