NEWS: Kurtis Brand Opens “Quemada (Burn)”, New Work at Galeria Panza Verde

November 2018: A new exhibition entitled “Quemada” at Galeria Panza Verde reveals Brand’s poetic work based on the June 3rd volcanic eruption in Guatemala.
Dealer & Press Event: December 8th 1-3pm at Meson Panza Verde

Antigua, Guatemala (Nov. 14, 2018): Galeria Panza Verde is proud to exhibit the poetic new work of artist Kurtis Brand in a deeply moving show called “Quemada” (Burn). Since the volcanic eruptions on June 3 in Guatemala, Brand has been developing a series of new work using the theme “Quemada” (Burn), primarily featuring abstract paintings using volcanic ash acquired from the aftermath of the violent eruptions of Volcan Fuego.  The show represents a variety of works from 2D wall art to 3D sculpture. The opening had a marimba score playing modern Jazz notes with Brand’s exploration into local culture, complete with a bronze masa sculpture and 6 bronzed tortillas on display.


The artist statement for “Quemada (Burn) by Kurtis Brand at Galeria Panza Verde.

More on the Volcano:

The eruption on June 3rd tragedy deeply affected Guatemalans who quickly united in relief efforts to search for survivors as well as those who may have perished under the burning ash and molten lava. To date the death toll is well over 100 people with many more left missing. Even more have been left homeless.

Show Dates

The Exhibition runs from November 14 – December 14th at Galeria Panza Verde, a gallery on the upper level of the hotel and restaurant Meson Panza Verde, one of Guatemala’s most beautiful and respected venues in the historic town of Antigua.

For more information please contact:
Kendra Mclaughlin, Panza Verde
5A Avenida Sur Antigua, Guatemala
(502) 7955-8282

     Images from the Exhibition

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